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We carry out a prevention campaign throughout the month of June with a discounted rate

Cerebral stroke in Italy is the third cause of death, after cardiovascular diseases and neoplasms, and the first absolute cause of disability.
In Italy every year, about 185,000 people are affected by cerebral STROKE.
The incidence is proportional to the age of the population: it is low up to 40-45 years, then gradually increases to rear up after the age of 70.

10-20% of people with STROKE die for the first time within a month and another 10% within the first year. Among those who survive, there remains a degree of disability ranging from mild to high.

The American Heart Association highlighted the seven main risk factors for stroke: high blood pressure, cholesterol, hyperglycemia, obesity, cigarette smoking, stress, lifestyle (physical inactivity and unbalanced diet).
The screening test to assess the risk of stroke is the eco-color Doppler ultrasound of the supraortic/epiaortic trunks (TSA).

The goal of this examination is very simple: to highlight any abnormalities of the carotid arteries that could prevent the blood supply to the brain and cause a stroke.

Throughout the month of June, it will be possible to book with priority (no more than 1-3 days of waiting) at our imaging center an eco-color Doppler of the supraortic trunks (TSA) to detect any carotid stenosis.