Studio Radiologico Trieste

The investigation, our decades-long work experience and our high level-diagnostic imaging tools allow us to do research, analyze and listen for the purpose of preventing and bringing serenity where doubt lies.


The diagnostic examination will be performed after an interview with the consultant, who will give advice about which procedure is the best to be applied to target your clinical query.
After the scan, except for more complex diagnostic imaging procedures, you can withdraw your report within minutes.


We want to improve your experience in our institute.
We listen to our Patients and therefore an anonymous satisfaction questionnaire is available here to share with us any suggestion. Our entire staff and in particular our Medical Director are available for any enquiries and complaints.

Tecniche Riflessoterapiche

Presso il nostro Studio Radiologico la dottoressa Marzia Umari pratica le tecniche riflessoterapiche. La dottoressa Umari si è laureata in Medicina e Chirurgia presso l'Università degli Studi di Trieste nel 1997 e nel 2001 ha ottenuto il Diploma di Specialità in...

IEO doctors in your city

Since January 2022 our clinic ‘Lo studio radiologico’ has started a collaboration with the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) ( adhering to the "IEO Doctors in Your City" service as an external center. On a regular basis, IEO specialists visit...

New Collaboration with Nutritionist Biologist

The Nutritionist Biologist Dr. Eleonora Maurel performs her professional practice at our clinic. Dr. Maurel has a degree in Biological Science and Technology from the University of Trieste and a master's degree in Food Science from the University of Florence. In her...

Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (breast MRI) without mdc for the study of prostheses

The number of women carrying breast prosthetic implants is progressively increasing, this happens both for corrective reasons after surgery and for aesthetic reasons. The rupture of the prostheses is the main cause of their removal, it occurs in most cases without a...


PRP is an autologous concentrate of platelets in a small volume of plasma with a platelet concentration greater than 1 million per milliliter of serum or greater than five times the baseline value of 150,000-350,000 / µl. PRP is a source of cytokines, growth factors,...

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