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Prostate cancer, which alone accounts for 15% of all male cancers and which is the most prevalent in males over the age of 50, is second in mortality only to lung cancer.

Prevention is the key.

Prostate cancer includes a variety of forms ranging from very slow-growing ones, which may not give problems over the person’s lifetime, to others that can grow rapidly, overcoming the boundaries of the gland and spreading to other parts of the body. About half of all diagnosed cancers have a favorable prognosis and evolution.

Clinical suspicion of prostate cancer is usually based on urological examination and PSA testing. Diagnosis is generally always made by transrectal ultrasound or multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI), subsequently confirmed by biopsy. The mpMRI allows to perform both a morphological and functional evaluation (through diffusion and perfusion technique).

Our imaging center offers in June, reservation priorities and a discounted rate for transrectal ultrasound scan and mpMRI examinations of the prostate, for prostate cancer screening.